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Evaluation of performance of drug Information center providing quality of information services to healthcare professionals in a tertiary care teaching hospital of south India

Volume No : Volume: 01 Issue : 2 Year : 2013 Page No: 81-90

Authors : Mudigubba Manoj Kumar, Sowmya B, Dinesh R, Karthik M, Alpesh Kumar Nagar, Yogananda R, Amanpathan, Sivakumar

Abstract :

Drug information centre (DIC) is an area where the pharmacist specialize in providing information related drug and its therapy to healthcare professionals and public. Objective: To evaluate the performance of drug information centre providing quality drug information services provided by the clinical pharmacists to the health care professionals. Methodology: It was a prospective study carried out for a period of six months (December 2012 to May 2013). The drug information services provided by the clinical pharmacists during ward rounds, direct access, telephone and mail were documented in the drug information request and documentation forms which were prepared by the department of pharmacy practice. The quality of drug information provided was assessed by receivers and providers, using feedback questionnaire and guidelines from the DSE/WHO seminar respectively Results: A total of 122 queries were received during six month period. On evaluation it was found that most of the queries were received from physicians-87(71.31%) and interns 25 (20.49%), nurses 6 (4.92%), pharmacists 4 (3.28%) from the following three selected departments general medicine 95 (77.87%), dermatology 15 (12.30%), paediatric 12 (9.84%) and most of the queries were for the purpose of better patient care 37 (30.33%) and to update knowledge 85 (69.67%). Conclusion: Drug information services provided by the Department of pharmacy practice, BMCH & RC, SJM college of Pharmacy, Chitradurga were useful, beneficial to the health care professionals to provide better patient care and to update knowledge.

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