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Antioxidant study on Cucurbita maxima fam Cucurbitaceae

Volume No : (2016) Volume: 04 Issue : 21 Year : 2016 Page No: 195-199

Authors : Nidhi Jain

Abstract :

In any biochemical process there is biotransformation of one set of chemical substances to another. Classically, chemical reactions encompass changes that only involve the positions of electrons in the forming and breaking of chemical bonds between atoms, with no change to the nuclei (no change to the elements present).Antioxidant are substance An antioxidant is a molecule that inhibits the oxidation process. Here the present plant called Cucurbita maxima family Cucurbitaceae pericarp of fruit is selected for ita antioxidant study. The parameters which have studied are Gallic acid content, flavanols, flavanoids, nitric acid content, DPPH scavenging etc using gallic acid as standard. This article provides useful information regarding antioxidant property of plant Curubita maxima pericarp.

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