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Obesity- Causes and it management by herbal drugs

Volume No : (2016) Volume: 04 Issue : 21 Year : 2016 Page No: 187-194

Authors : Nidhi Jain

Abstract :

Obesity is one of the most prominent and wide spread diseases throughout the world, affecting each and age group. Obesity has became as of the most prevalent health concerns among all populations and age groups worldwide, resulting into a significant increase in mortality and morbidity related to coronary heart diseases, diabetes type 2, metabolic syndrome, stroke and cancers . Prevention and treatment to this problem are an important objects for health systems, whose aim are to reduce the obesity and overweight prevalence, and related complications over the world . Both lifestyle and pharmacotherapy interventions have been considered by physicians and other health care professionals as obesity treatment modalities studies. The complex pathogenesis of obesity indicates the need of different intervention strategies to confront this problem with a simple drug therapy which is more acceptable to patients. Disappointing results, after cessation the lifestyle modification or pharmacotherapy indicated the need of other treatment modalities to produce better and long-lasting results, in terms of weight loss. Herbal supplements and diet-based therapies for weight loss are among the most common n complementary and alternative medicine [CAM] modalities [7]. A vast range of these natural products and medicinal plants, including crude extracts and isolated compounds from plants can be used to induce weight loss and prevent diet-induced obesity. Therapeutic strategies include synthetic drugs and surgery, which may entail high costs and serious complications. Plant-based medicinal agents offer an alternative approach. A review of the studies on accessible pharmacognostical sources for the treatment of obesity is provided, which attempts to explain how these medicinal plants act to cause weight loss, and which approach a better, safer and efficient way of reducing weight.

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