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Questionnaire-based survey on awareness of adverse drug reaction reporting for antihypertensive drug by community pharmacists in Amravati district

Volume No : (2022) Volume: 10 Issue : 48 Year : 2022 Page No: 60

Authors : Sagar N. Ande, Samiksha R. Shengokar, Sakshi S. Alamwar, Pragati R. Khokle, Ravindra L. Bakal

Abstract :

Introduction: Drug-related effects may lead to hospitalization, patient suffering, and economic burden. Adverse drug reaction (ADR) monitoring and reporting system help in the detection and prevention of the reoccurrence of some common and also rarest ADRs. The objective of this study was to create awareness among the selected community pharmacists and to improve their level of understanding about monitoring and reporting ADRs to the pharmacovigilance center around the facility. Aim: The study aimed to monitor ADRs associated with antihypertensive drugs through community pharmacists. The study was conducted in Amravati district with the help of different pharmacists. The study was conducted by one-to-one interaction with pharmacists using a questionnaire-based ADR monitoring form related to antihypertensive drugs. Objectives: The study was conducted to examine awareness about ADRs in drug-treated hypertensive patients. The objectives of the present study were to create awareness among select community pharmacists about ADRs reporting. Conclusion: The pharmacists need to upgrade knowledge and should be aware about all the aspects of ADR.

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