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Clinical evaluation of effectiveness of TR-01 in providing relief in productive, non-productive, and bronchial cough

Volume No : (2020) Volume: 08 Issue : 37 Year : 2020 Page No: 1-9

Authors : Vidyadhar Kumbhar, Gayatri Ganu, Dheeraj Nagore, Ashish Nagoakar

Abstract :

Background: MN Pharmaceutical design and developed the TR-01 syrup for the management of cough and maintain well-being.

Aim: The aim of the study was to evaluate the clinical effectiveness of TR-01, providing relief from bronchial cough with throat irritation.

Materials and Methods: A parallel arm, prospective, and randomized clinical study was conducted. Subjects were advised to take a dose of 10 ml of TR-01 thrice daily orally before meal for 4–8 days or until complete resolution of symptoms. The study was to assess the efficacy of herbal syrup with respect to symptomatic relief in the patient suffering from cough, change in the wet and dry cough severity, and pain frequency scores of the subjects were measured. Changes in throat irritation, throat mucosa redness, fever, and Leicester Cough Score were measured.

Results: Forty-five subjects completed the study. TR-01 was effective in reducing cough severity of cough (within 4 days of administration) of various types such as wet, dry, and bronchial cough that suggests a wide indication for the product, and its useful in the management of various productive, non-productive bronchial cough episodes. There was a significant reduction in cough associated symptoms such as sore throat, mucosal redness, and mucosal itching in single day from the administration of TR-01, suggesting immediate action of the product. Chest discomfort and fever were also predominantly reduced in 4 days of treatment. TR-01 did not produce drowsiness as that of conventional medication for the treatment of cough.

Conclusion: Thus, “TR-01” produced significant activity in reducing cough and related symptoms in wet, dry, and bronchial cough.

Keywords: Bronchial cough, Leicester Cough Score, parallel arm, randomized, TR-01

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